Our Clips solve a problem Australia wide.

The proof in NSW is that Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) placed a large order before manufacturing for the retail market even began. And they've ordered more since.

It's easy. Just clip on the clip, then clip on your L plate or P plate.

p-plate clip fitted under surround l-plate clip fitted under surround l-plate clip fitted to number plate

If you have a surround on your number plates, there's usually no need to take them off. Just lift the surround slightly away from the number plate and push the clip firmly onto the number plate. Then simply attach your L or P plate.

Damaged cars

Look at the damage some other methods of attaching a plate can cause.

If you care about your car, we recommend you use a clip.

damage damaged

The photos on the left are of the same car. The old magnetic plates look as though they have melted and left this residue on the car. In the photo on the right you can see how the double sided tape used to hold the P plates on will be very difficult to remove.

Be safe

Stats tell us how dangerous the early years of driving are, so here are a few tips from the NRMA Safer Driving School that can help you get through.

  • Because driving can never be totally safe, the best that a person can expect is to be safer than the ordinary driver. Drive more cautiously. It’s what the driver does that changes the odds of crash occurrence.
  • Behaviour, cognition and emotion are the factors that impact a new driver to be safer than an ordinary driver.
  • Because P-plate drivers are inexperienced there is value in providing specific information about how to identify risks and best practice safe behaviours.
  • Driver cognition skills (comprising attention skills and decision making skills) may be improved and therefore have a better understanding of how they relate to safer driving from advanced driver coaching.
  • Finally, managing our emotions is important. Our emotions fuel our behaviours. Manage emotions in a positive way to maintain a low risk driving attitude.



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happy driver

The live hinge

patent diagrams

Have a look at a live hinge and see why we included it as an important part of the engineering design of the clips.

We've also provided some info on the type of plastic we've used, for its recyclable qualities, as well as its strength.


U-Turn the Wheel. Workshops aimed at young beginning and developing drivers.U-Turn the Wheel. A series of road safety and awareness workshops aimed at young beginning and developing drivers. Run by the local Rotary Clubs within each district. The workshops are provided at "NO COST" to the participant.

Youthsafe. Committed to making a difference to youth injury in NSW.Youthsafe. We believe that the high rate of serious injury amongst young people aged 15-25 years is unacceptable. Many of these injuries are preventable and we are committed to making a difference to youth injury in NSW.

geared RTA siteA website that has info on everything you need to know to get and keep your licence.

how safe is your carHow safe is your car? Find the safest car by category or search for your car and check out its rating.

ausFor road safety initiatives, licensing rules and regulations in your state please see your local licensing authority:

act ACT nsw NSW nt NT qld QLD
sa SA tas TAS vic VIC wa WA


going solo website logoWhat are some of the risks of driving solo.? Going Solo is a FREE resource for parents of P-plate drivers.

Aus SafetyFor an online database of crashes in Australia see the Australian Transport Safety Bureau at www.atsb.gov.au